Fire Brigade Leader (8-24 hrs. programs) - The purpose of this course is to provide a solid foundation for fire brigade members that are transitioning from brigade member to the leader position, as well as the individuals currently overseeing the performance or activity of other members, in accordance with NFPA 1081. Students will design and implement an Incident Action Plan (IAP) after which they will implement the (IAP) through table top exercises and take command of an actual training exercise. 

Incipient Fire Brigade- Incipient (8 hrs.) - Students will be able to utilize the knowledge and skills gained in this course to fight fire inside or outside of enclosed structure or building when the fire has not progressed beyond the incipient stage, in accordance with NFPA 1081. Students will also obtain a general knowledge of basic fire behavior and the incident management system (IMS). 

Industrial Exterior Firefighting - (40 hrs.) - This course will provide brigade members the knowledge and skills that may be needed to safely mitigate emergencies involving exterior fire at an industrial facility, in accordance with the (NFPA) 1081 Standard for Industrial Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications (2018 Edition).

Industrial Interior Firefighting - (40 hrs.) - This hands-on course will provide practical training under live fire conditions, in accordance with (NFPA) 1081 Standard for Industrial Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications (2018 Edition).

Flammable Liquids Response Training - (16 hrs.) - This course is designed for those that are certified to the Advanced Industrial Interior Firefighting level. This hands-on course will give those members responding the skills to mitigate flammable liquid emergencies at their facility.

Pressurized Vessel Fire Control -  (16 hrs.) -  This course will give responders the necessary knowledge and skills to mitigate Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) spills and fire suppression, this course is a combination of both classroom and hands-on practical exercises. 

Hazardous Material Awareness - (8 hrs.) - This course will provide training for first responders at the awareness level. First responders are individuals who are likely to witness or discover a hazardous substance release and who have been trained to initiate an emergency response sequence by notifying the proper authorities. In accordance with (NFPA) 572 Standard for Competence of Responders to Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.120 (q)(6)(ii).

Industrial Hazardous Materials Operations Level - (40 hrs.) -  This course consists of both classroom and field operations and meets or exceeds the (NFPA) 472 Standard for Competence of Responders to Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.120 (q)(6)(ii) for Operations- level personnel.

Industrial Hazardous Materials Technician Level - (40 hrs.) - This is a combined course of Awareness, Operations, and Technician- Level training which meets or exceeds (NFPA) 472  Standard for Competence of Responders to Hazardous Material/Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents. 

Basic Industrial Technical Rescue - (40 hrs.) - Our Industrial Rescue course covers all the requirements of NFPA 1006 Chapter 5, and NFPA 1670 Awareness and Operations Levels. This comprehensive, hands-on 40 hour class will prepare rescuers to successfully operate at technical rescue incidents.

Rope Rescue Level 1 - (40 hrs.) Rope Rescue Level 1, provides rescuers the basic skills needed to conduct challenging rescues at height. Level 1 course focus will be on multi-point anchors, challenging locations, compound mechanical advantage systems, and the skill set to ascend and descend rope safely and efficiently. Successful completion of Level 1 is a prerequisite for participation in the Level 2 program, in accordance with (NFPA) 1006, Standard for Technical Rescue Professional Qualifications  (2017 Edition) 

Rope Rescue Level 2 - (40 hrs.) - This course is will provide rescues the necessary skills to conduct rescues involving multipoint anchors, compound mechanical advantages, highline systems. and pick-off systems, in accordance with (NFPA) 1006, Standard for Technical Rescue Professional Qualifications (2017 Edition)

Industrial Confined Space Awareness - (8 Hrs.) - Industrial Confined Space Rescue - (32 hrs.),  and Advanced Industrial Confined Space Rescue Technician - (40 hrs.) - The purpose and goal(s) of these courses are to complete the job performance requirements necessary to perform technical rescue operations for industrial fire brigade and other emergency response personnel. These courses will provide individuals with the knowledge, skills, and duties needed to perform as part of a technical rescue team member, using the general requirements established by National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 1006, Professional Qualifications. OSHA's standard for confined spaces (29 CFR 1910.146)

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