Apparatus Operator or Driver. Is There Really a Difference?

One of the ways that a fire department is measured is by its response time to calls. The driver of the apparatus is related to this time. With this is a question, are you an apparatus operator or just the person that drives the fire truck? The person that just drives the fire truck, jumps up in the cab hits the start button and floors it to the call. Little care is given to the fastest route or what might need to be done when they arrive on scene. They have very little knowledge of the apparatus and what it can do or what the limitations are. Careless operations keeps this person just steps away from an accident review board. A true apparatus operator is much different. This person enjoys and takes pride in the job that they have earned. This person knows every street in their territory and even the second due territories around them. Every piece of equipment on the apparatus is clean and ready for use. They are experts on how to use each of those pieces of equipment to the point that a malfunction in the equipment can quickly be fixed. This person owns the apparatus for that 24 hours they are on duty and cares for it as if they bought it themselves. As an apparatus operator you owe it to your family, crew and the citizens you protect to be the best at your job.